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Hello & Welcome! I'm the Author and Creator of PamPer Me'Butta..I Crafted this for myself 5 yrs ago. I had suffered from many different skin issues such as Eczema, Dry Skin, Itching, Dark Rough Skin Patches & White Blotchy Skin Spots & Vitiligo all over my legs,arms, & back.. It had really started to get bad over the previous years prior. I was literally losing my Skin Pigmentation. I was also starting too get white spots on my cheeks and under eye. I was going to the Dermatologist and was being prescribed several steroids Creams, Ointments for my Scalp because i had it on my top hair forehead and hair temples. I was also prescribed steroid pills to help to help clear up my Skin!!! The Dermatologist wanted to cut off a layer of skin and do a skin Biopsy...Well, None of that worked!! My was skin worsening, and my skin would itch so bad and break out with little red itchy hives bumps, on occasions!! I started too read up on some of Natural Herbs & Plants and started my own Science Research on using Natural Earthly Herbal Healing. I created my own Natural Healing Butta 'Potion', is what i call it!! Right in my own kitchen!! My skin began to Heal on its Own, without using any prescribed meds or creams ANYMORE!!! I've been PamPering Myself over the past 5 years or more and my face & body is now cleared up & HEALED NATURAL .My skin now Glows, Shines and is so Radiant Soft!! Not saying I'm a Doctor but I've been called that on a few occasions.. It makes me It's Homemade & Crafted 1 by 1, using All 'NATURAL' Vegan Oils & Fresh Squeezed 'ALOE-VERA from the Natural Plant leaves itself. I grow them in my house, and call them my 'Babies'! Aloe is medicinal, its a 'Healing Herbal Plant'..My 4 Children had always tried to encourage me to promote it. My son's would always say 'Mama i don't no what you waiting on', Me, I would always say, 'No', because my schedule was already so consumed with Nursing school Studying for my BSN and working full-time! It's year 2020, so I decided to give it a go!! I said i will persevere and make time...This is an Amazing All Natural Healing Butta, and not just any lotion!! Trust me, I'm just not telling you this....There are many,many, true TESTIMONIES, that I are on the website of Supporters that have used and are Supporters!! Once your skin feels this, Awesome Butta, you'll be hooked too!! I chose this name, PamPer Me'Butta, because its a true Meaning of the All Natural Oils too Nurture your Skin, Hair, Face, & Body!! Its a HEALING

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